file_column and resizing only when it's bigger issue

I have limited space in my web design to display the logo of the upcoming event. So I put in code like this.

file_column :image, :magick => { :versions => { “250x165” => “250x165”}}

I was under the assumption that the image under directory 250x165 will be of this size if the image is bigger than 150x165. But I found out that for an image of size 134x88 the image under the directory is of 250x164.

So in this case the image had to be enlarged which doesn’t look good. Since in this case the original image itself was smaller than 150x165 , I had rather use the original image.

I am using file_column plugin. Is there a way I can tell file_column to keep the original file under 250x165 if the the original image is smaller than 250x165. Otherwise I will have to start storing the file size of the original image and then compare and then sometimes use original image and sometime use the resized image.

Any suggestions on how to handle this case.