best way get all addresses near a postcode?

Hi Chris,

You need the expensive Postzon Data:

There is a campaign to make this information freely available (as it is for ZIP codes in the USA):

Cheers, Olly.

Chris -

Chris -

A database with geometric types built in would be the best option, but assuming you don't have that...

(And I'm only brainstorming here, I haven't tried any technique or looked at Geokit.)

It might be less "expensive" to pull records from the database where the latitude or longitude was plus or minus 10 miles from a point and then calculate the geometry on those records to determine which are actually 10 miles from the point and sort them. Basically, retrieve a rough square and then narrow it down to a precise circle. It would save you from performing the geometry on every address in the database, including addresses on the other side of the planet.

Kevin Skoglund

Postgresql ( has geometric types and

Be prepared for a bit of work. For example with postgis you can do a proximity search but the sql can get rather complex, and you have to translate points into meters, miles, or whatever unit of measure you are after. A search of the postgis archives should turn up pretty much everything you need.

What we did was use the perl code from to put the whole US TIGER dataset into a dbm file, and used that to get the lat/long for an address. It's not complete so we would fall back to the google api if it wasn't found. The google geocoding api and all other free api's have a limit on how many queries you can do per second, so if you are geocoding a large number of addresses you are better off having a local database to geocode against.