Need a zip/postal code database or plugin for rails

Anyone here has an idea of any good database or RoR plugin for zip and
postal codes ???

Thank you...

I'm not sure of a plugin for it, but for US addresses you could try
the web services provided by the USPS:

What do you need to do with it? I asked this exact same question a while
ago because I needed a way to search for an item based on its distance
from a certain zipcode. I ended up stumbling onto GeoKit which is an
amazing rails plugin for geocoding locations and performing a variety of
related tasks.

I have a CSV file for all zip codes in the US:

Load all the zips in a table and use GeoKit so that I can find
distance qualifications by address (zip_code) without the expense of
hitting a geocoder. Much faster and 100% available. It's also useful
for classifying people by county (which geocoders can not do), and for
presenting a list of cities, or auto-completing the city/state when
someone enters a zip.

Just keep in mind that the lon/lat is for the CENTER of the zip_code
area and may or may not fit your accuracy needs.

It may not be 100% correct, but it does have my home zip_code which
became active only last year, so it looks pretty good to me.

Just drop me an email if you would like a copy. Also let me know if
you would like a model and import script for importing the file.

To be honest, what I was more in need for is a db or a plugin for
country/state drop down…
But since I don't know how my app is going to evolve, I tought it'd be
better to get
the full thing now (zip codes etc…). I've heard about GeoKit and
I've seen the API,
its nice but isn't that a bit too much, since I don't plan to be
making a map app???
What could you suggest me ??? thx for your time.

Well, you can use the us_states plugin to create a
us_state_options_for_select (selection list).

And rails provides country_select to select from a list of countries.