Best Ruby on Rails authentication plugin

We're currently in the process of deciding if we will build our custom
RoR login / registration / user management system or use an existing

One solution we tend to find interesting is ninja (
rails/ as it seems to be quite lightweight
and thus easy to modify if need be.

I was wondering what experiences did other members have with ninja /
other plugins and which RoR plugin do you see as best for
authentication / user management.



We only looked at one plugin called "Authorization Plugin". We
decided that it was good enough for now and sufficiently easy enough
to setup so that we wouldn't feel bad ripping it out later. It's a
simple role based security model where users are assigned one or more
roles. You then add code at the top of a controller you want secured
specifying the role or roles that have access to it. I was hoping to
find something that had:

a. Another level for users, like roles and permissions, instead of
just roles
b. Security specified in the database rather than hardcoded

but this will work for our app for now until we start hating life.

Take a look at either one of Ricks Olsen's authentication plugins:
Acts_as_authenticated ( or RESTful
authentication (

They're both easy to setup and very flexible when it comes to adding


Another recommendation here for RESTfully Authenticated which is built
off Acts_As_Authenticated