Authentication plugins

Hey there.

I am starting a new development and am still a newbie in rails, so i'd like to ask witch authentication plugin do you sugest?

Regards, Ricardo

Restful Authentication and I think there is some movement behind Authlogic as well. Someone please correct me if I have that wrong.

However, I think there is some merit in actually sitting down and rolling your own as well. If anything, it allows you to learn a little bit more about Rails and how authentication works as well. A win-win in my estimation.

Here I was found detail tutorial for autenthication (restful_authentication):

having used both, i suggest authlogic. It has been easier for me to put in (and take out) than rest_auth, which is quite a big plugin and fills your user class. then again, im sure both have their pros and cons

I use authlogic because I found it a bit easier for me to understand and control. There are on the whole fewer modifications to the class or classes of log-in users than restful_auth provides.



Definitely recommend Authlogic. Restful_auth is a generator...and those just aren't cool anymore.

Yeap. I've migrated to authlogic.

You should also try clearance,

I've already took a look into authlogic.

Seeming pretty cool so far... Gonna check it better and test it.

Restful Authentication i've lost myself in the middle of it. Seems more complete, but also more complicated, and for what i need authlogic should work just fine.

Thanks to all.

I too have had better luck with AuthLogic. For me I think it was not so much a matter of the plugin itself, but I found the AuthLogic documentation, tutorials, and examples to be easier to follow. YMMV.

    -Chris Warren

"Wolas!" wrote:

I rolled my own simple but secure authentication system with less than 100 lines of code, with a few parts loosely based on restful authentication. I was frustrated with all the current solutions, until I took a look at AuthLogic. I think I'll be using that in my next project.

One question though, which authorization plugins/gems would be a good compliment to AuthLogic and which authorization system is the best right now anyways?