Best rails bookcook?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering which rails cookbook book people would recommend? The
O'Reilly one,or the Pragmmatic one.

Thanks for your time,

Fred idea why the heck I typed bookcook in the title...oups I

I have them both and I find the Pragmatic one to be a bit better.
However, I still recommend getting both of them, because they don't
overlap much and one usually fills the spots the other one has missed.
For example, the O'Reilly cookbook shows how to do authentication
using only gems and plugins, whereas the Pragmatic one shows you how
to do it by hand.

I use the Pragmatic one two or three times a week just for
inspiration. I try to practice the recipes even if I can't apply them
directly to my project because I find it's a good way to learn a
little bit more about Rails.