Best book for testing


i want to buy a book for TTD. I am between “The cucumber book” and the “The Rspec book” from pragmatic programmers.

Which of these 2 are the best? Any other suggestion??

I am new to testing…

Thank you for your time!


I would suggest another book: -
This is especially interesting for the Rails context, which I missed
somewhat in the Rspec book, it starts to explain BDD of plain Ruby
classes and objects.

Apart from this, I recently discovered that the Gem RSpec-rails is
nicely documented in BDD style too on Github, e.g. a controller spec
looks like:

If you want to get familiar with TDD I suggest going for the Rspec Book, since Rspec and Cucumber serve different purposes(Rspec for TDD and Cucumber for BDD). Also, if going for Rspec go ahead and take a look at code school(, they’ve just released a course on Testing with Rspec which is pretty cool.

Hope this helps and Best regards =D