Belgian Ruby User Group

Hi all,

We are in the process of setting up the first Belgian Ruby User Group.
Many of us feel that Ruby interest in Belgium is still too low, and we
need to do something about that. And the first step is for us Belgian
Rubyists to unite (in line with the Belgian motto.) So the company I
work for wants to organise periodical RUG meetings, the ideal vehicle
to learn from others, share knowledge, get to know fellow Rubyists in
person, and work on projects together. We want to build a vibrant
community in Belgium and show the industry that Ruby lives in our
small country.

We have been looking for interested people through a few other
channels, but we need as many people as possible, so we are turning to
rubyonrails-talk now.

So... anyone in Belgium (and beyond?) interested in participating in
such meetings, head for
and subscribe. We need you!

Kind regards,
Peter Vanbroekhoven