Beginner needs help

Hi, I am trying to follow the book 'Beginning Ruby on Rails e-commerce'

When I come to unit testing I get an error message:
C:/Ruby/bin/ruby.exe -I"lib;test"
"test/unit/author_test.rb" "test/unit/helpers/about_helper_test.rb"
`load_missing_constant': uninitialized constant Test::Unit::Testcase

My test/unit/author_test.rb looks like this:

require File.dirname(__FILE__) + ' /../test_helper'

class AuthorTest < Test::Unit::Testcase
  fixtures :authors
  def test_name
    author=Author.create(:first_name => 'Joel',
                         :last_name => 'Spolsky')

    assert_equal 'Joel Spolsky',

Why do I get the error message ?

What version of Rails are you using?

He's using 2.3.2 from the errors..

So, did you create everything from scratch? Or, did you read a section
in the book that said go to x website and download the incomplete or
complete samples and you are working from those?

If you are working from samples, the samples are probably not using the
same RoR version you are. That's the very first question I'd answer.

Most books and source files that go with those books are out of date

class AuthorTest < Test::Unit::Testcase

change the above to

class AuthorTest < ActiveSupport::TestCase


Tried the suggestions from Sijo. Worked like a charm. Coool..!

Thanks again everyone!