Bad example on the "Active Record Associations" guide

All the “Active Record Associations” guide is explained using Customer & Order classes, but… order is a reserved word for sorting in both SQL and Active Record! and if I use the browser search, looking for order (the reserved word for sorting), I found 211 matches in the page, most of them non related with sorting.

Probably we could find some classes that could also explain well Active Record without polluting searches…


Rails guides are open-source at github, and available for you to edit. Within the guides themselves there is a page that describes the procedure for making changes to the docs. If nobody jumps in to fix the problem you have highlighted, please consider changing the pages yourself, you would be helping us all out. Thanks in advance.

Indeed I could rewrite all examples using another classes, but I’ll like to know in advance if such a change is welcome, as it will affect to several guides, which implies a not small work and possibly many people with opinions about this…

(had my change been smaller, I’d have done what you say without asking for opinions in advance)

It’s a good idea.