Active Record Basics not in the guides index

Hi all!

A few guides are missing from the index. For instance, “Active Record Basics”. Bug or feature?

Hi Manuel,

Guides are added to the index only when they are deemed complete by the reviewers team. We encourage people to commit guides in progress to docrails, so that other people can start pitching in with feedback or add more information. These guides are marked “Work in Progress” in Hope this clarifies.


Hi Vijay,

Thanks. But I don’t think Active Record Basics is in, not even as Work in Progress.



There was a time I decided not to add more guides like that to the index. Reason is the reader has no clue about how “in progress”, or outdated, or partial, etc. the guide is.

As Vijay said, nowadays we add to the index stuff that has been reviewed, or it is so advanced that only minor details are pending, and you want it there ready for the next stable release.