BackgrounDRb undefined method

I'm using BackgrounDRb and according to the API I should be able to use
methods such as delete_worker() and send_request(). However when I try
to invoke these methods on my workers I get undefined method errors:

NoMethodError: undefined method `ask_work' for

I'm simply using the basic backgroundrb.yml for my configuration

Code : - fold - unfold

   1. ---
   2. :backgroundrb:
   3. :ip:
   4. :port: 11008

Would anybody know why I'm getting these errors?

I am terribly sorry for this, but bdrb client API has changed slightly
and in fact, its always best idea to refer official docs at:

and RDoc manual thats linked there, as I mentioned in my previous
mail. Blog posts(including mine) and screencasts sometimes go out of
date with programming libraries.

In word, ask_work is no longer exposed to rails and if you want to
invoke a method, you will have to use:

#for async calls
MiddleMan.worker(:foo_worker).async_some_task(:arg => "foobar")

# for blocking/sync calls
MiddleMan.worker(:foo_worker).some_task(:arg => "foobar")