BackgrounDRb installation trouble...

BackgrounDRb 0.2.x doesn't work in Windows.

If you run backgroundrb on a production *nix server but develop on win32 machines, you can apply a patch to make Rails load without backgroundrb if it detects it's in a win32 env:

alternatively, use a previous version of backgroundrb - i got hold of it a while ago after googling for it for a while.

regards ivor

not sure about future support on Windows, but you can sign up to the backgroundrb list and get updates about when releases are made:

Here's the Trac site:

You can run the latest backgroundrb (0.2) on windows if you use the cygwin environment. The drawback is that the ruby provided by cygwin is a bit slower than the one provided by one-click ruby installer.

See for more information

Best regards, Nils

Here is a copy of the older version…not sure if attachments go through on the mailing list. If not, email me direclty or post your email address and I will mail you the zip - its 25k

Ivor (22.3 KB)

Thanks... it let the attachment go through.

awesome. enjoy