Who here has used BackgroundDrb and how well has it performed for you? I have an application that creates more then 20 HTTP request to certain webpages and checks for text on those pages. However I would like to thread these operations for speed. I am interested in using BackgroundDrb, but I am not certain that I should invest my time on it or if there are others things more viable in existence.


BackgrounDRb is the right thing for your app. its just great. if you have questions:

Miguel El Feo wrote:

Who here has used BackgroundDrb and how well has it performed for you?

I use it on one of my apps to do an long set of record copying
operations (taking several minutes). I hadn't used Drb before, so I was
coming at it cold, but nevertheless I found it very easy to set up. And
so far I've found it reliable in terms of staying alive and overall


My main concern is availability. I don’t want to invest time(money) into implementing this solution only to find myself having to deal with stability issues. Thanks for the replies.


Hey Miguel-

  I might be a tad biased as I wrote the plugin :wink: But it is working great for me in a number of apps that have to maintain high availability. There are also many other folks using it as integral parts of their business. I have not experienced and issues that are insurmountable. I also am actively working on and improving the plugin all the time so It will remain supported. Others can chime in as to how they are using it but I created it because there was a real need for something like it and nothing else existed. Its pretty easy to setup and try for yourself. I imagine you can have a simple test working in half an hour or so. So evaluate it for yourself and see what you think. And then if you like it join us on the mailing list[1].



I can second all of the above, it is used in Heartbeat ( and has been reliable since it was put into production doing something very similar to what you describe.

Cheers, and good luck.