Back to Rails 1.1.x!

Hi Joe,

After, what, 2 RC's I'm surprised at this crap.

Could you point me to the tickets you opened after trying your
application on these two release candidates?

I removed 1.2 and reverted to 1.1.x and will
maybe figure it out at a later date. What a big disappointment.

No one is forcing your hand to upgrade. There are Rails applications
still happily chugging along on Rails 0.13 or earlier.

I probably will open some tickets.

I figured that all sorts of tests
were in place to check if BC was broke when routing was rewritten.

Lots of tests are in place. You can see them all for yourself. They
usually reside in the test/ directory of each framework. Do they cover
every possible edge case? No. Will they ever? Probably not.

Or after two RCs almost all of the major issues would've been found out
(which is one of the reasons I waited--for final).

Ah, so you're upset that others didn't do the work you couldn't be
bothered to? The reason we have release candidates is exactly because
the core team is now happy with the framework for their use and are
inviting others to help uncover edge cases from different usage. The
more people who choose to "wait for the final", the less likely that
all edge cases are uncovered. But few have the audacity to opt-out of
the process and bemoan its lack of results at the same time. That
truly takes talent.

I'll probably take another crack at it when I'm less fuzzy-headed and

Hold that thought. Better yet, put it on a post-it next to your enter
key. This might lead you to ponder how much fuzzy, pissy thinking
you're willing to put into the public records as examples of your open
source contributions. The hang-over tomorrow might be slightly less