Automating patch sanity checking process


As a part of weekend exercise, I put together a tiny app for sanity
checking rails core patches. It's in infancy stages as it was done
very quickly.

What it does :

- Takes url of the patch
- Asks which test suites to run
- Patch latest edge with the patch supplied, runs the tests, and give
you the results
* Always applies patch from top level ( -p0 )
* Gives failure even if patch couldn't be applied cleanly ( no hunks
success allowed )

This should be quite handy to cleanup old patches and can save some time.

It's accessible at Due to the nature of the
app, I'll have to create the account before you can use it ( email me
or catch me in irc (lifo) ). I'll make the source public once I make
some more internal changes and my friend(rsl) gives me a good design.

Meanwhile, if you fancy checking it out or helping with the app or may
be suggest a feature or two, that'll be great.

Why not try to either find the files referenced in the
patch and then apply the patch at the correct directory
or at least try to apply the patch at a specific
component directory? is a nice example of
the problem, if the patch had been applied at the correct
component level then it should have applied correctly.

Also it shouldn't hurt to try to apply the patch with
-p1 after -p0 fails with files not found.

Well, I'm just going to add a dropdown box to select from where to
apply the patch.