Installing a patch


I have an issue that is mentioned in this ticket on Rails Trac:

I would like to try this patch, and see if it solves the issue I am
having, but I am confused on how to properly install it. Do I have to
be on Edge Rails, or can I stay with 2.0.2? If I apply the patch, is
there an easy way to get rid of it? What is the proper way of applying

Thanks for your help!


You can try :slight_smile:
If edge and 2.0.2 have diverged too much the patch might not apply properly, but if they haven't then you'll be ok.
You need to have rails installed in vendor/rails. Then download the patch from the ticket, cd to vendor/rails and type

patch -p0 < path/to/the/patch.diff

If things go wrong it will tell you. To revert it just do an svn revert to remove the change (or rollback stuff in the usual way if you've committed it).

If I may pimp myself I have a tiny little script at which makes this a little easier: just cd to vendor/rails
and type apply_ticket 10101



Thats great! Thanks for your help.