authorization plugin ....broken?


I've used the authorization plugin for a long time (3 months) with great
success. Recently, I began a new project and installed the plugin in
this manner:

  ./script/plugin install

I know there's lots of git activity on this project and there may be a
more recent version.

My basic problem that I get:

  "Cannot parse authorization (editor of calendar)"

My code:

    @calendar = Calendar.find(params[:id])
    permit "editor of calendar"

naturally, my user does have the role of editor (as I've said, I've got
code like this working millions of times) and I just can understand why
it's failing now.

Any ideas?

Mcgill Guy wrote:

I am having the same issue , did you manage to resolve this ?

it seems that if i try to access a page that has the permissions
requirements directly i will get the error, but i can avoid it by
going through home and then navigating from there with menu ...
I think it must be somesort of a loading error, as the methods
injected by the plugin "accept_role?" and such are not present at the
time of the error .

any thoughts would be greatly appreciated !

On Jul 14, 11:46�am, Elliott Blatt <>

The plugin was not broken. I had done something stupid. Before
installing the plugin, I had stubbed out a method like this:

def has_role?

This method was called in place of the the method defined by the plugin.
Once I removed the stubbed version, everything worked fine.

Have you defined any method in your user model that might conflict?