Recommended Authorization

Ok, Rails is getting more and more interesting everyday I try to work with it. I had no idea how easy it is to code what you need. I could find a good existing PHP Calendar class so it took me about 2 months in "free time" chunks to write a PHP Calendar class to accomplish what I needed. Just found some Rails plugin that allowed me to do what I wanted in under 10 minutes.

Ok well, just wanted to say that :smiley:

I'm starting to understand Devise a bit more. Now I'm looking into authorization plugins. There is a lot of options available and I'm reading about a few of the ones I have found.

***What is your experience with authorization plugins? Which one do you recommend?***

I found a list of some of them here

I'm going to watch a few Railscasts: OmniAuth CanCan Declarative Authorization Authlogic

This is just a personal opinion, but iā€™d start with cancan. It was easiest for me to pick up and run with alongside devise. Declarative Authorization looks really nice, but I think it is too much for me to tackle right now, while still learning a lot of other RoR things.

Decided to go for Devise and CanCan