After I upgraded my Authlogic to 2.1.2 I'm facing an odd error when
trying to use my webpage; it comes up with an error 'undefined method
`^' for "e":String'. I've double checked the lines in the Authlogic
code (see codepad urls for the tracelog), but I can find no trace of
any "^" in the code anywhere. The methods that result in this error
are the default current_user(_session) methods from the Authlogic

I'm not sure if this is a bug in Authlogic or my code, but I'd love to
know the answer to that!

Passenger output (and called methods): http://codepad.org/lm43n9KN
WEBrick output (bigger tracelog): http://codepad.org/owmJoGMx

Thanks in advance.

I forgot to mention; this is on Ruby 1.9.1 with Rails 2.3.4, the error is not appearing on my Windows devbox with Ruby 1.8 and Rails 2.3.3, which is making it rather odd. Downgrading Authlogic does not prove to be a solution either, so it’s likely unrelated. I also note that I forgot to add a subject after the tag, I’m very sorry, I’m chaotic today.

It is possibly a bug in rails 2.3.4 as noted by Frederick Cheung here
in http://www.ruby-forum.com/topic/195200
Google found that for me.