Audio conferencing application with rails

I am a fan of completely monolithic apps (I mean using template engines instead of a well-known front-end framework, using the whole back-end system in a huge code base, etc.) for MVP’s, idea demos and even small businesses. I know this is not the topic I’m speaking of, but I had to clarify this.

In recent months, I wanted to somehow reverse-engineer clubhouse and first, I found and their api. It’s a great tool to make your own webinar, video conferencing or even voice chat apps. But their docs are less-than-perfect and apparently, they’re not very well-known and there are almost no unofficial documents on their product.

Then, I was lucky to find, and again, I faced same problems and even a new problem! although it is really good and user-friendly, it has no good mobile experience.

So, I was wondering, is it possible to make an audio conferencing app using rails? I mean entirely on rails and use everything that rails provides for handling the project.

I am a little bit tired of researching this, so I made this topic and I really appreciate your comments and advice!

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Fine guys, my account was on hold (as I newly made it) and apparently it’s not been seen.