I am getting a bizarre problem using attachment_fu and I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix it/ why its happening.

Ive been following:

and I am up and running as far as upload etc goes, but when it comes to display using: <% for mugshot in @mugshots -%>   <%= link_to image_tag(mugshot.public_filename(:thumb)), mugshot.public_filename %> <% end -%>

I get two images, one is a thumbnail which links to the original file. That is what I want. html: <a href="/image_uploads/0000/0001/test.JPG"><img alt="Test_thumb" src="/image_uploads/0000/0001/test_thumb.JPG?1185027500" /></a>

but the other is: <a href="/image_uploads/0000/0001/test_thumb.JPG"><img alt="Test_thumb_thumb" src="/image_uploads/0000/0001/ test_thumb_thumb.JPG" /></a>

does anyone know where on earth the '_thumb_thumb' came from? and does anyone know how to solve this problem?

@mugshots has the thumbnail too. Filter it by selecting where parent_id is null.