Attachment_fu won't upload images to S3 on Windows XP?

I've been slugging through Google posts on why attachment_fu doesn't
want to upload the entire image file to S3 on a Windows XP machine and
fine no conclusions as to what I should do?
Here is a link with many suggestions. I've tried all of them and none
work for me.
I try .png, .jpeg and .gif and they all simply put a ghost file up on
S3 without any content.
Does anyone out there have Rmagick, attachment_fu running on a Windows
XP machine and using Amazon's S3? Would you mind sharing what changes
you made to attachment_fu to make the photos upload correctly?
S3 gets a VERY few bytes such as 25 bytes for a 370k graphic file.
When I show the graphic all I see is a 'placeholder' where the :thumb
or public_filename should go.
Any help is greatly appreciated.