attachment_fu and rails 1.2.5 and rails 2.0pre

Anyone successfully using attachment_fu with rails 1.2.5 and/or rails 2.0 pre?

I would like to use database storage.

The attachment_fu tests fail for me against the 2.0 preview release,
as do those for acts_as_attachment and acts_as_paranoid.


I am using attachment_fu with Rails 1.2.5 with no problem, using both
file and s3 storage. As Sven noted, the tests do fail, but, at least
for my simple usage, it seems to be fine in operation.

- Danny

I'd chalk it up to bad tests. I'm using it in about every one of my
projects without problems (rails 2.0). acts_as_attachment is the old
version, I don't recall what version of rails it was written for, but
I'd definitely suggest attachment_fu.

Thanks, Rick, that's good to know. The tests work better in 1.2.5 but
by default they seem to want to test every option, and they require
that you have a lot of stuff installed (rmagick, etc.). I'm not sure
what you're supposed to do as a plugin developer to write tests that
are sufficient without being burdensome to run. And thanks for these
plugins, in any case.

For what it's worth the problems I've had with your plugin tests on
the 2.0 preview release wither take the form of the tests trying to
load, say, 1.2.5 gem rails, when 1.2.5.xxxx has already been loaded
(if both 1.2.5 and 1.2.5.xxxx are installed) or they are complaints
about the missing breakpoint library.