Asset pipeline question

Hello...I've run into some behavior I didn't expect with the asset pipeline, running rails 3.1.0 (released version).

In my environments/production.rb I have:

  config.assets.compile = false   config.assets.digest = true

When I precompile my assets, all seems to work fine; it generates assets with digests in their name, and I can retrieve them with something like


When I retrieve the above, it's served from apache.

Somewhat unexpectedly, I can also successfully retrieve:


There is no such file in the public/assets directory, but it successfully retrieves the file and serves it through rack/rails (I can see the request in the production.log file).

Is this expected behavior?

It's convenient, in that I can use my application.css from, say, static HTML files like my 404.html and 500.html pages, but I didn't expect it to work given that I have config.assets.compile=false.



Perhaps I could restate this question more simply.

If the asset pipeline is in digest mode (in production), is it expected behavior that it should also serve assets _without_ digests in their filenames?


Following up some more on my own question...looks like someone added a pull request today that directly addresses this. Will keep an eye on it, though...if this gets "fixed", I think it will complicate things like a 404.html page that uses the application css file.