Asset Pipeline (Rails 3.1.0.rc4)

Hey all,
  I've got an issue trying to figure out this asset pipeline stuff... So
in my application layout, I have:

<%= stylesheet_link_tag "application" %>

which translates the URL to /assets/application.css in the HTML output.

The problem is that it can never find it -- I can see the file under
app/assets/stylesheets/application.css . I've tried moving it to just
app/assets/application.css and it doesn't pick it up either. The
pipeline is enabled in the application.rb (config.assets.enabled =
true), but the only way I've found for Rails to pickup the CSS file is
to place it in public/assets/application.css .

So the stylesheet_link_tag (as well as image_tag,
javascript_include_tag, etc...) is looking in public/assets instead of
using app/assets/[asset type]/.

Has anyone experienced something similar? I'm new to Rails 3.1 so I'm
not sure if this is expected operation or something is broken...

Thanks in advance!!
- Jeff

  I upgraded to Rails 3.1.0.rc6 and it's working now. I guess something
is broken for the asset pipeline in rc4...