assert_tag problem in integration tests

This seems like a bug, but maybe I’m missing
something. Calls to assert_tag that come after the
second get() call do not check the most recent
response! Am I doing something wrong?

    ses = open_session
    ses.get 'post/jay'
    # this works fine
    ses.assert_tag :content => 'hello from jay'
    ses.get 'post/matt'
    #this fails, but should pass
    ses.assert_tag :content => 'hello from matt'

Now here is the weirdest part. Notice in the error
message that it shows the right html output and makes
it clear that it should pass. If I change 'matt' to
'jay' in the second assertion it works so it's also
clear that it's testing against the first response and
not the second. How do I assert against the second

  1) Failure:
expected tag, but no tag found matching
{:content=>"hello from matt"} in:
"<html><body>hello from matt</body></html>".
<nil> is not true.

more detailed pastie link

I found the answer already. It is a bug.

There is a work around in the first ticket