Beginning Ruby on Rails E-Commerce : Errata Help

Page 94, chapter 3, running $ ruby test/integration/book_test.rb

Expected response to be a <:redirect>, but was <500>

Does anyone know how to fix this problem? TIA.

Following table might help:

    * :success (status code is 200)
    * :redirect (status code is within 300..399)
    * :missing (status code is 404)
    * :error (status code is within 500..599)
    * any number (to specifically reference a particular status code)

assert_response :success # page rendered ok
assert_response :redirect # we've been redirected
assert_response :missing # not found
assert_response 505 # status code was 505

For more check out:

You may also want to use curl on the command line to see the response
from the server. It also helps to write assert_tag and other

Cool. That solves the problem that I was having with my project. I
will try it out.

I was baffled, when I do curl I see the right page but when I do
assert_tag it bombs out!

On page 77, there is a test_destroy method that fails on assert_tag

   assert_tag :tag => 'div',
                 :attributes => {:id => 'notice'},
                 :content => 'Successfully deleted author Joel Spolsky'

I am on Rails 1.2 and the assert_tag has been deprecated. The test was
failing so I used assert_select tag:

assert_select "div#notice", 'Successfully deleted author Joel Spolsky'