Hi, I made a patch some days ago:

There is some time I'm using this behaviour and would like to know what you guys think about. :slight_smile:


Is this the method?

        def to_proc  do |obj,*args|             self.collect {|method| obj.send(method,*args)}           end         end

Seems pretty good. It's general (not Rails specific) and honestly I can't think of a better use for an Array#to_proc.

Not sure I understand how *args fit in there. How can they even be used?

Hmm... just occurred to me, and I haven't tried it, but is this basically equivalent to:

        def to_proc  do |obj|             self.collect{ |method| method.to_proc[obj] }           end         end

assuming method is always a symbol.

Not that this is a better implementation; I think it demonstrates the nature of idea well though.