Are there any difference between Ruby on Railse and JRuby?

I have just started ROR using netbeans … they talk about RUBY is JRuby … ref.

Is this differs from normal RUBY ON RAILS development? I am new to this…i am confused on this


yes, there is some differences between ruby (native c interpreter) and jruby (java). some gems are usable by the one and not by the others. anyway you can change ruby platform in netbeans choosing /usr/local/ bin/ruby in example if you really prefer the c implementation of ruby.

Sure, there are some differences. For a beginner, none of the following should matter AT ALL.

Still, key differences: * as mentioned, there are some gem compatibility issues * speed: JRuby has one more layer of abstraction over Ruby, so is likely to be slower * deployment: JRuby offers deployment on Java application servers as WAR files. (If that doesn't mean anything to you, move on.) * database compatibility: JRuby offers dabase connection via a JDBC drivers which, I suspect, are easier to find than native Ruby varieties. * library support: JRuby allows access to allow the native Java API and additional Java libraries. (Netbeans offers good support for JRuby with Java libraries)

The bottom line is that for Rails, there is essentially no difference. The language is same (both Ruby) and the framework is the same (both Rails). If your IDE is using JRuby and things are working, leave it for now.

thanks a lot!


Scott Arbeitman wrote:

* speed: JRuby has one more layer of abstraction over Ruby, so is likely to be slower

That's not always the case and certainly not the intention of the JRuby developers. In fact when I spoke with Charles Nutter little over a month ago he set out to make JRuby the fastest implementation of Ruby out there. And that's entirely possible too, considering the many man-years that have gone into the JVM.

What is true is that it shouldn't matter to a beginner.

Good point, Roderick. I must admit that I certainly don't have any data to back that up.