AR3.0 Inconsistant behavior of #select()

Hey there,

I was just playing around with Beta3 and noticed that was ignoring the first select. Personally I'd prefer it to be merged together which seems easy from my naive point of view but I'd also be happy if the docs would state that it is not chainable or event better if it wasn't chainable or would throw a warning. I'd prefer it to be mergable since the .order() is mergable too and that would make the whole thing a little bit more powerful and consistent.

Kind regards, John

I thought about doing that. But the current behaviour is for consistency with with_scope :

User.send(:with_scope, :find => {:select => 'id'}) { User.first(:select => "name") }

  User Load (0.3ms) SELECT name FROM `users` LIMIT 1

Maybe we can change the behaviour for 3.1 though.

Alright, I see. Thanks for the info!

*waiting for 3.1* :wink: