AR Plugin class method calls from instance methods

Working on an ActiveRecord plugin. It's a bit of a complex thing in which in an instance method, the domain logic requires a search on the table.

In the code below, the find in do_object_stuff gripes with an undefined method error.

self.find, parent.find, super.find, and just find don't work -- while most of those errors make sense to me, I am surprised that a plain find doesn't work. It's just a class method, shouldn't an instance be able to just use that?

Weak brain moment... I can't see what I am missing. Not sure if the plugin context is relevant or not.

   module BlahBlahBlah

     def self.included(base)      .... etc....

     module ActMethods      .... etc....

     module ClassMethods

       def do_class_stuff(parameters)          .....          record = find(:key_value, :select => select_fields)          .....        end      end

     module InstanceMethods

       def do_object_stuff(parameters)          .....          record = find(:key_value, :select => select_fields)          .....        end      end    end

-- gw

self.class.find Class methods in rails are just singleton methods on the appropriate object. find is the same thing as self.find (when there is no receiver the self is implicit) so it's not surprising that it doesn't work


Aha. Makes sense. Muchas grass...

-- gw