Application extremely slow


I am running a sample application using InstantRails (1.3a) in Windows
XP local machine. I set the mode to production, and started SCGI
server. Every time it takes almost 4 minutes to open my application's
home page, and subsequent pages also take minutes to load. Something
must be wrong.

In public/.htaccess, there is one line:
         RewriteRule ^(.*)$ dispatch.cgi [QSA,L]
Since I am using SCGI server, I am not sure if the above line is OK.
InstantRails 1.3a contains Apache 1.3.

Does anyone out there have any idea why it's so slow and how to fix it?

Thanks a lot!


SCGI *IS* horribly slow, period.

Either use FastCGI, or even better, mongrel.

It's not that slow... something else is going on.

But SCGI is deprecated and you really should use Mongrel instead. I
recommend switching to Instant Rails 1.4 which replaced SCGI with


I am convinced to use Mongrel. Thank both of you for the information!


Curt Hibbs wrote:

I'm building a personal image hosting site to learn rails. I'm using
the SCGI dispatcher and it seems about the same as FastCGI. I'm
running it on a pretty old XP machine with InstantRail and a
slow/shared DSL internet connection. Takes about 10 seconds for the
initial page and 5 seconds for other pages. I did have a problem once
which made it go very slow. I would check my running processes and
there would be like 7 ruby.exe's running. I redid the config and it
fixed it. I'll have to check mongrel out.

If you want to see my sites speed check here: