Appdynamic with Ruby on Rails


I have to configured appdynamic with ruby on rails, I have added gem "gem ‘appdynamics’ " in gemfile, also created appdynamics.yml file with following details:

app_name: “My app name” tier_name: “ROR” node_name: “test” controller: host: “test” port: “test” account: “test” access_key: “some key”

Also please do let me know how will I get app_name, tier_name, node_name, controller, host, port, account, access_key.

I am getting this error:

  1. WARN – AppDynamics: Unable to start Instrumenter due to a configuration error: app name required
  2. AppDynamics: [AppDynamics] [1.1.2] Running AppDynamics in development mode. No data will be reported until you deploy your app.


This request is eerily similar to Shubham Thakur’s question two and a half years ago on Cisco’s forums.

At any rate, consider that AppDynamics is being sunsetted by Cisco, and they are encouraging folks to transition to their OpenTelemetry offering, which involves using these gems:

gem 'opentelemetry-sdk'
gem 'opentelemetry-exporter-otlp'
gem 'opentelemetry-instrumentation-all'