anyone using markaby?

Does anyone know if Markaby is still being used? If not, has it been
replaced by something else? If it is still in use, where should
questions/ help requests/ etc be posted.

it's being used--especially by the Camping folks. If you google
"markaby" you should find a lot out there. Also, visit _why's
redhanded web site.


I haven't been able to get version 0.5 to install as a plugin. I
looked at the ticket you open (#32). It looks like edge rails was
patched. But, I'm hesitant to use edge for development when, I cannot
use it for production.

What version are you using? Can you offer any installation suggestions?

Thanks for the reply, Joe. I hope 1.2 is releases sooooon :slight_smile:

I finally figured out that the file I was downloading from RubyForge
wasn't configured to work as a plugin. It was missing the init.rb
file. So, I checked out the latest copy from:


Then copied the files to my <rails_app>/vendor/plugin/markaby folder.
After restarting the browser, *.mab files were processed correctly. I
didn't need to alter the environment.rb file.