Anyone using acts_as_state_machine with restful_auth?

I'm currently re-working the authentication in an application. I didn't
start out with restful_authentication this time (I've used it before),
and it looks like some of the tried & tested features could come in
handy. I've just been trying to work my head around using
acts_as_state_machine in tandem with RA through the vaporbase tutorial,
but I'm struggling with working on what is out of date with how RA
generators work. For example, I noticed that if you run the --stateful
flag, some of the changes suggested in the vaporbase tutorial seem to
have already been made (like the activate method), but others don't
appear to be.

Could anyone suggest which tutorial I follow for this? Do I adhere to
the vaporbase tutorial or, do I just run the stateful flag with RA and
install acts_as_state_machine afterwards? I can't seem to get
clarification on this no matter how much I read through the docs.