Anyone thought about doing a Gem that will allow the Active Record interface to talk to RecFiles?


I have liked the idea of keeping my personal data files Vim-compatible for a long time and make good use of VOom, VimWiki, etc - so I am thinking I could convert my Watched Netflix videos text file into a plain-text recfile DB:

GNU Recutils - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation

  • which would be more convenient for searching, sorting and organising the info etc. However, it would also be very nice if that recfile could be used as the DB back end of a little RoR web program so siblings etc could look at my watched list.

Has anyone already thought of this? - has someone already done some sort of gem interface? - if not, how hard would it be? - I know the demand for such a gem would be very low and mostly of novelty value for most people here . .



Interesting, if I were you I would look at how the PostgreSQL adapter, the MySQL adapter, and the SQLite adapter work. They are all part of Rails.

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You might also be able to learn something from ActiveFedora which plugs a little bit more exotic data store into Rails.

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Hmm . . I sent a reply via email but it hasn’t shown up here - I said I would check out the level of difficulty and maybe have a shot at it . .

That is also interesting - and maybe closer to what I want to do - thanks!