Any tool for developing a hierarchical user management system?

Hi All,
I have just been asked to develop a user administration system that should be able to manage the following hierarchy of admins and users:

  • A small group (1 - 5) of “superadmins” who can create regular “admins” and “users” and can performs all kind of actions
  • A large group (hundreds) of regular “admins” who can create regular “users” and can perform all kind of actions but the creation/editing/deletion of admins and superadmins
  • A very large group (thousands) of regular “users” who can just perform a trivial set of CRUD actions on a small set of “user assets”

While such an architecture can easily be implemented by hand using rails, devise and pundit (or cancancan), I wonder if I could save some time using any of the existing admin interface frameworks, like ActiveAdmin, rails_admin, Upmin-admin or even the more generic ActiveScaffold.

As long as I can see, this hierarchy could be implemented using a set of pundit/cancancan authorizations and a small set of admin pages (or “admins sections”) so most of these framework should be able to implement it.

Does anybody have any experience of such use of any of these frameworks? Does anybody know of any tutorial, any example or any open source application I could check and study? Any suggestion?

Check if gem is smth what you need. You will still have to adapt rules inside your app.