Administration Subsystem

Can someone recommend a gem/plugin for administration of users, roles,
preferences, etc.? I know various CMS's like Radiant and BrowserCMS
have this, but I don't necessarily want to build all my apps on top of
them. I'm using Authlogic for authentication and acl9 for
authorization. I was more curious about user interface options. I'm
tired of building out my own, and was wondering if there were an easy
drop-in option. I may actually be better off building on top of a
framework like Radiant. It just has to be extensible enough to add my
custom models and workflow. Thoughts?


As far as something that makes it easy to add new users, roles, etc
you could look into adding ActiveScaffold to your app.

I was designed for acting as admin pages, and the interface is pretty
nice for things like that. I use it in a project for the main layout
because I like it. You get some simple search functions for free, the
author is very active in development (he's responded quickly when I
had problems, sometimes caused by my lack of experience with it). And
it is easy to install (just make sure you also install render
component plugin if you are using Rails 2.3 or higher (mentioned in
the readme)).