any special tutorial for rails 2.0.2

hi all,
  since i have started to learn the rails just now, i got shocked
after seeing the file extentions from .rhtml to .html.erb...
  when i started to learn the ROR, i used rails 1.2.6 then i thought of
installing the latest version of rails. then i gave it...
     gem install rails --include-dependencies ... in console
it installed rails 2.0.2
    then i created a new project with model and controller....
     in the controller i gave the code as
             scaffold :recipe
   then it says undefined variable 'scaffold' like this it gives for
some keywords
how can i solve this problem.... is there any specific tutorial
available for rails 2.0.2 in online. plz. guide me to know that...

Not a guru with 2.0.2, yet. I'll have to let someone else answer this

another one questions..
is there any posibilities to install 1.2.6 after uninstalling rails

First, make sure you've updated gem to 0.9.5.

  gem update system
  gem update --system

Then, uninstall Rails 2.0.2

  gem uninstall rails -v 2.0.2

Last, install Rails 1.2.6

  gem install rails -v 1.2.6