Any Free Trial shared hosting offer with mod_rails..?


Today morning was great for me. I just read the news of mod_rails
available for apache.

Now we do not have a single reason to envy PHP or, when it comes
to deployment. Mod_rails will take shared hosting miles ahead.

I have seen plenty of free shared hosting offers for PHP on Apache.

I am just waiting to see, such Free/Trail shared hosting offers now
available for ruby on rails hosting on Apache.

If any one is aware then pl. post it here, so many
students/freshers/developers can take advantages.

I hope many offers shall start flowing to promote this great mod_rails


Hi Rahil, sure, for you and the first 15 people to email modrails at our
domain (see below) with an explanation of the Rails app you'd like to
deploy we'll offer 1 month free trials with mod_rails.


Rahil Kantharia wrote: