Another Database Connectivity

Hi All,

I'm trying to connect another database using rails

I made changes in database.yml file

I succeed in that but with same table name,

I'm having two issues regarding that:

1) How to connect the specific table of another database (suppose table name is Arthur and it is in database2, I'm working in database1)

2) How to connect database without making changes in database.yml file.

Any feedback appreciated, Thanks Saurabh

Given that you have a single model (Person) that you want to retrieve data from a table in another database, you'ld make an initializer that you could call people_connection.rb and put something like this inside:

Person.establish_connection(   :adapter => "mysql",   :host => "localhost",   :username => "someuser",   :password => "secret",   :database => "somedatabase" )

This is covered in the documentation for ActiveRecord::Base: ActiveRecord::Base See the "Connection to multiple databases in different models" section. Remember, Google is your friend, and always check the manual.