(annoying) question: Netbeans vs Rubymine


I’m don’t want to start another post about what’s the best IDE. Am just considering getting a licence for Rubymine which is 99$ I think. But I don’t know whether it’s really better than Netbeans. My focus is on BDD with cucumber, Rspec and Shoulda. Can anyone tell me his/her experience concering test support in those two IDE’s (I’m really reducing the question to two IDE’s)
BDD should work out of the box.

It’s somehow 100$ against 0$. But if $100 make’s me by far productive than it’s worth it.

Thanks and sorry if the IDE questions bother you

I run all RSpec and Cucumber from the command line, so the IDE is
irrelevant IMO.

If you’re an IDE type there is no comparison, RubyMine is
much better IMO. You don’t need a lot of IDE for Rails development,
but a good editor with real code completion and intelligent templating huge.

Neither of them provide a decent interface to running rake tasks
and rails scripts – it ends up being more a PITA than the command
line. 3rdRail got that one right, they have a command line in the IDE
with command completion – it’s about $99 now too.

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my question was about support issues like

  • code completion
  • good sugestion
    in the context of those three frameworks.

I run them also from command line but it might be nice to run them from the IDE. But the heart of the matter to me is really the completion and good suggestion about design etc.

Code completion is alright, but I don't think you should rely on some
IDE design suggestions... design depends on your requirements, or in
the pattern you're basing your application, but no IDE should be able
tell you how to do it better than yourself.

Code completion in Netbeans is just fine, I haven't tried RubyMine, so
I cannot speak for it.

Hope it helps.


I have tried them all: RadRails, NetBeans, 3rdRail, and RubyMine and while they all do some things pretty well; I find almost all the IDE’s to be very clunky and more of a hassle to work with then a nice text editor and the command line. I am spoiled though because TextMate is clearly the best editor out there, but there are some decent ones on Linux and Windows too so I hear. I don’t know - I think since I am coming from the “uber ide world” of Visual Studio I just find it kind of refreshing to use the command line and a lightweight text editor. I feel like a programmer again – I think that sometimes IDE’s abstract you too much from the development process.

Just my $.02



Hi Christoph,

If you still have not made your mind: here are 2 quite good
screencasts about BDD, RSpec and Cucumber in RubyMine

They should speak for themselves.

Hope it helps,