Announcing Ruby Dcamp

Registration is now open for Ruby DCamp (, an Open Spaces-style Ruby conference. The conference is on the weekend of October 11th and 12th at the Holiday Inn at Ballston, Arlington, Virginia (in the Washington DC metro area). It's metro accessible, and parking at the hotel is free for all attendees. The hotel has provided us a discounted rate of $109 plus tax for the nights of October 10th and 11th (just tell them you're with Ruby DCamp). Conference registration costs $100 for the two days if you register by October 6th, and $125 if you register October 7th or later.

As an Open Spaces conference, there are no hired speakers or fixed agendas -- attendees themselves are the speakers, and organize the schedule. We propose our own content, and vote on the candidates. Although there may be some conventional style presentations, there is no restriction on the activity -- it could also be a round table discussion or a hack session. Bored with a session? No problem -- you are *encouraged* to leave it anytime and find another one that better suits you.

Attendance is limited to 150 people, so please sign up soon. We welcome Rubyists at all levels from all over.

- The Ruby DCamp Team