Announcing our first Rails web application: Tip Jar for Your Blogs (Mephisto or Typo )

Hello Rails Community,

   I have worked hard in developing this "Tip Jar" widget web application -- -- for a while now, and I would like to share it with the RoR community.

   Our background was Java and PHP. But for this one, we built it entirely with Ruby-on-Rails, hand-code PayPal integration , and it is powered by Amazon Web Services - and I have to say it was a delight for me to build. All the cron jobs are also run in Ruby scripts and ActiveRecord library, which I love!

   For my RoR hosting, I use . Have to admit that deployment was somewhat a pain, and took me 2 hours to figure out, but their support was good, and I know Ruby-on-Rails keeps moving forward to make things better for developers :slight_smile: , even deployment process.

  For the payments integration with PayPal Express Checkout, we decided not to use ActiveMerchant since we need more customization with Recurring Payments for our business logic.

  If you have a blog and are interested in adding another widget to your blog, please check us out at:

  Don't worry - the widget will stand your high-trafficked blog or website since the widget ad codes are all served from Amazon's Server and Data Center.

   If you're in the US, have a good Labor Day!

Chris -- Online Tip Jar Widget for Bloggers -- Buy and sell Text Links, and Boost SEO