ANN: agileXtreme

Announcing agileXtreme - Simple, pragmatic project management for agilists!

After a limited beta we’re opening up agileXtreme to the rest of the world. We would love for you guys to take a look and provide us with feedback.

agileXtreme is the simplest online project management system that could possibly work. We don’t have dates, calendars, milestones or gantt charts, just a simple UI that lets small agile teams collect their stories, estimate their complexity and track the team’s velocity from iteration to iteration.

While agileXtreme is not a pure implementation of all things eXtreme Programming, we did take a very pragmatic approach to its development and the result is a tool that we think will appeal to XP teams, SCRUM teams, and in fact any team that’s just had enough of bloated project management tools and methods.

In agileXtreme you simply create your stories, estimate their complexity and then let the team members grab stories to work on, re-estimating as necessary. At the end of an iteration, agileXtreme measures the velocity of the team and provides feedback to help plan the next iteration. As we gear up for our full release we’ll be adding features for online team collaboration, more extensive reporting (velocity by team member, velocity graphs, export data as XML) and whatever else our userbase asks for.

We’d really value your feedback on where we’re at, and where we’re going, so wander over to and take a look.

Kind regards,

The CodeShapers Team.

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That’s a little worrying - thanks for the heads up.