[ANN/ADV] The Rubyist -- a semi-monthly magazine for Rubyists AVAILABLE NOW

Hello all,
Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that the first issue
of The Rubyist, a technical magazine focused on Ruby, is available in
print and PDF now. Our first issue has articles from Ben Scofield,
Giles Bowkett, Rein Henrichs, and others. Be sure to check it out!

Learn a little more and purchase a copy here: http://therubyist.com

Any questions can be directed to editor@therubyist.com. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!
Jeremy and the Rubyist team

Hmm... purchased, but I must be blind because I don't see a PDF link


Apparently I was misinformed about PDF availiability from MagCloud... argh!

Fortunately, I have it up on another service now:

I'll be linking that on the site soon...


Great job! My printed copied showed up in the mail today and it looks
great. MagCloud ships the magazine in a plastic sleeve so my copy is

When I made my purchase I couldn't find a place in the order form to
the let the publisher know I wanted to have recurring subscription.
Did I miss that or does the publisher not offer a recurring

Also, and RSS feed on the The Rubist site http://therubyist.com/ would
be great as well. I want to be sure to order the next copy when it
becomes available.