always Not Found

I see the same thing in 1.2.1. In firefox I see a page that says
only “You are being redirected” with a link that
points to my logon page (a redirect_to in the code). In IE 7, I saw
only 404’s. I just rolled back using “gem uninstall rails” and now my
app is happy

I got to the 404 problem only after a bunch of other painful migration
work. At first in Rails 1.2.1 on Windows, my previously working app
first would kill the webserver unless I used config.cache_classes =
false in development.rb. No useful
error messages at all. I got things running again by removing all
areas of my app (models, plugins, libs, helpers), and adding them in
one by one (I was unsure exactly where the problem was). The Selenium
rails plugin seems to have been the culprit and I suspect it is related
to the new require rules, but I haven’t nailed down the file and line
and won’t be looking at 1.2.1 again for quite some time. Once I got
server to run, I still had the problem above.

Please let me know what you find if you resolve the 404 problem. Also,
are you using IE or Firefox? In other words, does your experience
match mine? Good luck!


Did you at some point use the salted hash login generator on your app? I had. It uses @request which is now gone and replaced by simply “request”. I thought I had cleaned out all the deprecations from my code, but apparently not. So search for all deprecated items in your code, like @request and @session. For me, it was blowing up because I missed an @request in user_system in the area where the redirect occured.

I also had extended kernel with a debug function of my own making. This seemed to have been an issue for me as well. Dependencies.rb did not seem to like that very much. Now I seem to be running ok. Good luck!