All this power and nothing to use it for

Now that I know Ruby on Rails adequately, I find myself without a
single idea for a project. I even googled for people looking for
volunteers for their projects. I just want to get something out there,
but I can't think of anything significant.

I pondered a social networking site. There's already about a hundred
of them, why not make another?

I've got too much time on my hands.

Just be sure to use it for good, and not evil :wink:

Hi --

Perhaps make a google maps mashup that cross references FBI missing
persons reports with a geographical context.

I don't know how usable the FBI database is, but if its any way usable,
this strikes me as being a good candidate for a project.

I’m on the other side of this, I have so many app ideas and no time to do them! I get about 3 hours per week to do rails and they are my favorite work hours. I am planning on doing a new application every semester as a demo for my students. They check it out of my svn repository and look it over every week. Eventually, I might run out of ideas, but I doubt it.


Well just give me one of your ideas :slight_smile:

Are you serious about volunteering? I am trying to learn RoR and have
too much work. I would be profoundly grateful for a mentor.


Yeahh, me too. I am working on my master thesis and I'm terribly afraid
of starting implement in Ror. I have worked in the state of the art, in
analysis and design for 6 uf... It would be great
to know there is someone out there willing to answer my incoming
questions :smiley:

Check out my other topic, you might be interested!