Alias_method_chain on a boolean attribute not calling ...

I have the below code - I cannot use alias_method_chain unless I
declare :accepted= before using it - i suppost the attribute methods
are added latter - I suspect that this case is blowing away my

How can i complete this intention correctly, doing it the rails-way and pretty?


class IncomingVideo < ActiveRecord::Base
  validates_presence_of :content_url
  validates_presence_of :title

  def uncurated?
  def accepted=(val)

  def accepted_with_create_curated_video=(val)
    if uncurated? and val == true
      cv = CuratedVideo.create(:title => title,
                          :description => description,
                          :content_url => content_url,
                          :site_url => site_url)!
  alias_method_chain :accepted=,:create_curated_video

You'll likely want to do this in an after_save callback, as the method
you've posted (if it worked) would end up drooling stray CuratedVideo
records into the DB every time a model set that value (perhaps via
mass-assignment) then didn't pass validation.

--Matt Jones

Thanks for your response - after i realized that it wasn't going to
work - i did use a
call back and the _changed? and _was parts of the dirty attribute and
it was as clean as i prefer and passed spec (and as you said - avoided
extra useless queries).